Dec 142011

At last count there were sixty two posts and a large number of  job search resources on this site, which means some of the important stuff is going to slip through the cracks.

Let us therefor reiterate a few absolutely essential details for your resume.

1) Your contact information. All of it.

  • Your address (nobody is going to use your resume to burglarize your home – you can truly state your address.)
  • The City, State and Zip code. People like me use this to track down candidates and find candidates who are appropriately located for jobs. If you are moving, put your new information.
  • Your telephone number. Don’t worry – putting your phone number on your resume will not bring in hundreds of calls. (Dream on), but of someone is interested, they will want to speak to you. You want that, don’t you? Isn’t that why you are sending your resume out?
  • Your email. People (like me) keep resumes for years and occasionally remember someone who might just love a current opening. Your phone number may change, but you can probably still be reached by email. Put it on your resume.

2) Actual information about where you worked and what you did. Not that you are award winning or wonderful.

3) Dates with months and years.

4) If you used a template (and why not?  There are some very nice ones on this site) give it a final run through to make sure that you have removed all instructions like “your address” or “describe experience here”.

And that’s it.

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  1. can you send me more information about recipes and job vacant positions thanks

    • Actually, not. This site is about resumes. It is the non business site of Chefs’ Professional Agency, and we do not post our positions here. Chefspro is intended as a help for people writing resumes. 25+ years of reading them have proven beyond a doubt that it is needed.

      Jobs are generally posted at, although they are currently out of date. A subscription option for new positions is planned in the near future. Chefs’ Professional Agency is specialized in Chefs and Culinary professionals with a minimum of four to five years experience. Most positions require considerably more.

      Neither this nor the main business site deals with recipes. They are not about food but about the careers and businesses related to culinary development, management and production. There are many good recipe sites and blogs on the Internet.