Jan 242011

Choosing the right job in the right kitchen:

Part One of Two

In your career, you are special. You have you’re a unique set of talents, aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses combined with a body of knowledge and set of skills formed during your working life. They may lean towards the systematic management of large numbers of people or towards the fine tuning of intricate flavor combinations.  There will be any number of people more or less similar to  you, but nobody exactly like you.

You are also special and unique in your goals and expectations. If you are young in the industry they  include developing your future and your skills. If you are seasoned, you want to put what you have learned to use. There are any number of people in some ways similar to you but nobody just like you in the labor market. You are one of a kind.

So are most jobs, from the job description itself to the nature of the clientele to location and demands of the physical space. Out of twenty jobs, there may be one for you, or none or three. If you are reading this, the short odds are that you are considering your career and a possible move. Another set of short odds says that in the process, you are not thinking about matching you to a kitchen or restaurant operation, but that you are sending out a dozen resumes to anything that looks like a possible match.

If you are already being selective, congratulations. You have figured out a lot more than most people.

Part of the motivation of changing jobs is always an improvement. Most people see this as increased compensation or title, but there should be more – companies where you can progress, managers from whom you can learn or challenges great enough to move you forward but not too great to put your success in question should be part of your career thinking.

Defining what you want and what will benefit you, not always the same thing,  is an important part of your job search.  You owe yourself the thought and time it takes.

As a special unique professional with specific goals you need to target your search and your choices, then to act on them. Stay tuned for more on you working in your own best interests.

 Stay tuned.