Feb 282011

There are, of course, a whole lot of things which  can remove your resume from consideration, but here are a few you can control.

For anyone who has been reading these pieces, this is old news, but as the Swiss say, “A double sewn seam always holds better.”  While most resume variations are really of little importance, these are sure fire ways to sabotage your job application:

1)      Pictures. Clusters of grapes. Cute chefs. Toques.

2)      .txt format (Notepad).  It is assumed that grownups know how to write a resume in Word or RTF. (Rich Text).  (hint: Click file > Save As > Choose Rich Text Format.)

3)      Oddball formats of unique resume programs which cannot be opened on the recipient’s computer. Not everyone has ResumeGenius on their computer.  (see Nr 2).

4)      Jobs without dates.

5)      More than about ¼ page of introduction plus minimum information on  your previous employment, usually listed in as many lines as you have had jobs.

6)      Lyrical text or philosophy. “I believe my place in the Universe…”  “My commitment to my passion inspires the harmony of my plate.” People will also laugh at you.

7)      Bravado, Bragging, Posturing: “I am the chef for your job.” “My superb talent is exceeded only by my legendary presentation.”

8)      Missing information, innuendo, allusions. “Currently employed at one of the nation’s top locations” with no name.

9)      A lengthy, rambling, cliche ridden cover letter.

10)   Attempts to be cute or funny in any way. People will not laugh.

That’s it. Count ‘em, 10.