Jan 072011

As I refine and update this site, which is meant as a resource for professionals moving forward in their culinary and food and beverage careers, one of my main goals is simplification. With that in mind I have updated the basic resume instructions with a few simple culinary resume templates and instructions on their use. At some point I may add an interface into which you can type your information to produce a final document, but for now this should reduce the time it takes to write a full resume to something under an  hour at the worst.

There is a second, more in depth resume discussion available for those who want not only to have a resume and be done with it (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but want to fine tune their application documents and perhaps achieve better results.  This, too, is to be simplified in future as the individual aspects of resume writing are tackled in separate posts.

Your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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