Sep 292010

This site is becoming increasingly resume centric, but then, so is the world you live in. It’s odd. A decade ago resumes were still optional, and I still get really good people who say, ” I never needed a resume in my life. I don’t know how to write one. “( See the Easy Peasy Resume Guide for instructions, if you are in that category. ) Most of you, however, have and need resumes.

There’s some information on what they are about on this site, but let me repeat: Resumes are a calling card, they are the Cliff Notes of your career, they are a brief summary for the benefit of the guy who reads them. That’s it. At some point they  pretty much begin to look alike, which seems to be a problem for a lot of  people who are not about to let well enough alone.

Finding the old black on white, “job list” format” uninspiring, they are bending the rules (present  as much information in as good a light as effectively and quickly as possibly)   One site proposes to make your resume stand out the way none other will.  Another group promises to make you more prominent by embedding video.  All this sounds like a great idea, until you remember that owner or chef or manager  at the other end is about to plow through twenty or thirty or two hundred of them and is going to be not amused by anyone who demands more of her time.  She isn’t going to want to sit in front of you showing your concasse de whatever and expressing your virtues.

The other error of the fancier is better theory of resumes is that your resume is actually exciting for the person who needs you, if your career path fits their expectations. I have seen employers enthralled by grill chefs who worked at mid level properties and beside themselves for managers with restaurants they like in their portfolio. If you are what the Chef needs as a sous or the corporation wants as a trainer, you are captivating. Your presentation doesn’t have to have moving parts to get you in the door.