Welcome: About this site


Welcome to the Culinary Career Tools site of Chefs’ Professional Agency.

What it is: Chefs’ Professional Agency has been providing career tools and trivia to candidates and clients for twenty plus years. The initial focus of the Chefs’ Professional web site was to provide all of our candidates with the tools they needed to present themselves to our clients, so that we could focus on what we do – recruiting and tailored referrals.

At that time a resume was a resume, the web was new and relatively straight forward, and the Food Channel had not been born. Things ere as they were and expected to stay that way. They did not.

Evolving resources and practices require frequently updated information. A static collection of tools becomes outdated quickly, so we created the ChefsPro site to help any chefs who wish with their career decisions and searches.

The new ChefsPro resource page will offer a wide and changing variety of information on

  • Resume development
  • Interviewing
  • Updates on the current financial market
  • Leaving current employment
  • Dealing with recruiters
  • Trivia and general career and job search information.
  • Career options – what kind of place do you want to work at?

Our  positions will continue to be on the main web site. All information is free and we encourage you to share it, subscribe or forward. It’s use on the web,  however, requires our permission.

Please enjoy.